Work together to scale purpose- and profit-driven innovations

The Value Tracks facilitate global collective development to better implement and scale high-tech solutions whereby every stakeholder benefits.

What's in it for you?

Ongoing Global Search for High Tech Solutions

Via your Development Dashboard you can register tech solutions, find solutions based on your search criteria and get continuous updates on what other stakeholders are looking for.

Access to Relevant Stakeholders and Resources

Your Dashboard suggests relevant contacts, events, practices and other resources based on your personal interests.

Tailored Insights

Receive insights on business and market constraints experienced by groups of stakeholders. And request to investigate specific constraints more in-depth by engaging other stakeholders in the Value Track Network.

Collective Development

Beyond 1-on-1 connections that match your profile, you may also be invited to join multiple stakeholder groups who focus on realising specific market breakthroughs.

What Our Participants Say

How It Works

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Collective Business Case Search for Tech Solutions Constraints Analyses Collective Development

Obtain tailored market insights and relevant connections aligned to your field of expertise and ambitions. Participate in Collective Development through your Development Dashboard.

The Development Dashboard consists of four components. Each component shows one aspect of the overall development cycle. As a whole it creates a market feedback loop to reflect market movements based on combined stakeholder perspectives.

Provide your input by answering the questionnaires behind each component and find market reflections of the stakeholder network in your development dashboard as well as results aligned to your specific interests.

Want to find out how this works in your development dashboard?

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Current Tracks

These are current domains where Value Tracks have already started off.

Select the Value Track you want to participate in.

Personalised Medicine

Making individualised diagnostics and medicine accessible to all.

Energy Storage

Moving towards a renewable energy system through flexible storage and conversion.

Suggest a Value Track

Got an idea for the next Value Track? Suggest an area where we can drive purpose- and profit driven innovation based on high tech solutions already out there.

Potential Value Track

People Flows

High Tech Solutions for all people to move around comfortable, safe and secure in crowded places.

Mental Health

High Tech Solutions to improve the lives of many who have to deal with mental health illnesses.

Space Wisdom for Smart Cities

Satellite applications to significantly change our lives on earth

Green Packaging

’Consumers don’t buy it anymore!’… if the product, processes and packaging is not sustainable.