How it works_

Increase the positive impact of innovation

Finding the common denominator to drive collaboration.

The validation mechanism is based on business and market development principles following the perspectives of innovation, investment and entrepreneurship. It calls on every stakeholder in the chain from high tech product to market solution.

Every stakeholder can individually benefit by joining in research and development activities relevant for them whilst adding to the overall stakeholder feedback loop that fuels the development cycle.

Stakeholder feedback loop to determine the focus

Continuous validation of potential innovation.
The cohesion of people and their participation in the ValueTrack Network is constantly changing. 

The underlying process enables to investigate and validate potential themes for various innovation domains and specific calls-to-action to develop, implement and scale-up solutions based on multi-stakeholder collaboration. 

This means the number and themes of the ValueTracks can vary in time as well as the dynamics of the network in response to the market need. 

These activities are:

Creating awareness and urgency by building up the Collective Value Case
Global search for Tech Solution providers
Deep dive investigations into shared constraints & opportunities
Participating in multi-stakeholder calls-to-action enabling market break throughs
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