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Navigate regulatory complexity in the health domain

The Dutch Government Together with the EU Commission, The Dutch Government launches the EU Entrepreneurship Summit on October15th hosted by ‘Ideas from Europe. Whether it will be held physically or virtually is yet to be decided. One way or the other there will be an opportunity to join virtually for sure.
One of these calls-to-collaborate is the Regulatory Compass for Health

We need your input! You are more than welcome to join and share your experience as well
as your view on the requirements for this solution related to your product and/or service
and your environment. The outcomes will be presented to the EU Commission and a
reporting document will be sent to all relevant parties to create more awareness
and follow-up to pave the road for better and faster implementation and scale-up of your

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We will start-off with a pilot focusing on Medical Devices

Through this we link people and insights building up from one event to another
across multiple networks and thus multiple disciplines. Each time involves the
right person at the right time with the right expertise, experience and access
to resources to deliver on the next step in the call-to-collaborate.

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The focus is on building a minimum viable product related to regulations for Medical
Devices initially focussed on Europe

A virtual walk-through to get an impression of the call-to-collaborate will be held on:

- Monday, September 20th - 4pm (CEST)
- Tuesday September 21st - 10am (CEST

In line with the above please also feel welcome to join the CES Unveiled event in October
14th in Amsterdam (party virtual) which is the kick-off for CES Las Vegas were innovators
and investors among others can meet and match. Here you can present your solution to an
interesting crowd of investors and engage with other stakeholders to grow your business.
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The day after you can take part in the EU Entrepreneurship summit session for private and
public parties working on entrepreneurship, innovation and international networks. An
important part of this is real life findings in relation to policy making. How can we align
policies to our entrepreneurial and innovative ambitions to achieve impact both
economically, societal and from a business opportunity perspective. We offer you ‘the
stage’ to reach out and share your views: What needs to be done? What can be done? And
most importantly how?

“This would be a big benefit for us, if there is a tool so we can easily and instantly understand what specific rules apply to our solution, that would have saved us a lot of effort, time, and money.”
Katinka de Korte, General Manager Europe DEARhealth

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