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Collective Development on breakthroughs for safe and seamless People Flows

The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted every segment of the economy. The areas that was severely hit is the travel and tourism sector, representing 10 percent of global GDP which decreased by 49.1%.

Though people working hard on enablers to allow for open travel via digital health pass in order to deliver on public health, social, and economic benefits. Widely trusted and adopted solutions are needed by the public as well as universal acceptance by organisations operating globally such as airlines, border control agencies and many others.

The underlying condition is that the physical flow of people will need to be supported by privacy preserving data sharing technologies to ensure physical distancing. And enablers for further solutions which helds the promise of a safe and trustworthy future digital economy and society for all.
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Value_Track Lead
Harm-Jan Arendshorst
Sustainable Innovation. Collective Development.
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